Take it with you when you go to the police to sort things out, utilities that lends money when drink and then that does not remember, to the chief on kovёr,
etc. This little thing will come in handy as the irrefutable proof for all possible disputes.

It should be noted that the outside handle does not differ from their counterparts – ordinary ballpoint pens, so you suspect a hidden tracking no one can! All data can be easily transferred to your computer using the USB-ports. With this pen you always have proof!

Handle with small camera is recording video 25 frames per second, and uses discreet lens the size of a pinhead to shoot the hidden video. This particular model works like an ordinary pen

Carry handle on the shirt pocket. Put it on your office desk, watch what happens when you are not in place. You may be surprised to make the discovery.


– Metal structure
– Feature photo.
– Conducted by shooting video, audio.
– Obscure Lens

Spy Pen with a miniature camera and a recorder capable of recording data not only on paper but also audio, video! Wireless miniature camera is activated at the touch of invisible buttons on the handle and record video in the internal memory of 4 Gb. In addition, the handle is built miniature digital voice recorder that helps mikrovideokamere recreate the full picture of what was happening at the time of recording.


* Spy Pen with a miniature camera and voice recorder – 1 pc.
* USB-cable – 1 pc.
* TF microSD card: 4GB
* Internal Memory 4 Gb
* Built-in digital voice recorder
* Built-in digital video camera
* Video Recording Format AVI
* Interface – USB 2.0
* Built-in battery
* Weight – 161 gr.


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